Career Advancement

Providing Success to Employees

We encourage all employees to pursue their goals and always reach out and apply for other postions within the facility. We have specific programs that are directed to help employees with their success. If you have any questions please contact Colleen O'Meagher at Discovery Care Centre.


Self-directed study that allows employees to practice skills by being employed as a PCA on ALF and observe CNA skills on SNF. Within two months, this self-directed study, offers the opportunity to challenge the CNA test at the facility's expense.

  • Wage increase opportunity
  • Self-directed study and observation
  • Close testing location
  • Facility financial support for testing fees
  • Opportunity for even higher career advancement programs


After working at the facility for at least six months as a CNA, facility offers support(both financial and employment) and direction for employee to enter LPN program.

  • Major wage increase opportunity
  • Most direct career path
  • Online convience
  • Financial supplement offered by facility
  • Flexible scheduling offered
  • Opportunity for higher career advancement

*We require a background check and a drug test as part of our hiring process.